GCA 2024 Sourcebook

2 GCA 2024 OPPORTUNITY OUTLOOK SOURCEBOOK The General Contractors Association of New York The General Contractors Association of New York (GCA) represents New York City’s unionized heavy civil construction public works contractors. Our 300 member firms employ over 25,000 highly skilled professional and trade workers who have built New York City’s roads, bridges, rail and transit systems, water supply and sewer systems, parks and building foundations since 1909. The GCA’s heavy civil contractors build entire projects, translating plans and drawings into tangible, three-dimensional infrastructure that touches the lives of millions each day and makes life possible here in the Big Apple. From the most complicated Design-Build projects to the more routine rehabilitations, GCA contractors and their partners in the trades bring skill, expertise, vision and competence to the work they do. In sum, WE BUILD NEW YORK! MEET